Recommended read – Wool by Hugh Howey

I think I’m going to take some space in my blog to recognize some of the better books that I’ve run across. Authors who work hard and deliver quality make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

My first recognition is for Hugh Howey, who needs to have even wider readership than he already does. His magnificent Wool series turned me back onto reading science fiction after a long and hard time trying to find someone who actually had a compelling SF angle and a strong interpersonal story with likeable characters and enough action to keep me interested. So, here’s to you, Hugh; keep up the great work.

Wool Omnibus – Highly recommended.

Demigod Conception published this week

Demigod Conception is published. I’ll be on Kindle exclusively for 90 days, but after that, I will move to other platforms. While I’m exlcusive, you can borrow the book at $0 if you’ve got Prime. Anyone interested in a hard copy of the book?