Gandalay Marketing

Finished my first marketing-themed short story today. They say you should write what you know, but frankly, writing about marketing seemed to be a quick way to bore audiences. That is, until today!

My hero’s a 10-year-old who teams up with a marketing executive and a computerized store marketing system to… Well, it’s a short story, so I can’t give away the good part, can I? Still, I dig the concept. It’s sci-fi horror, but it’s also suitable for young-adult audiences, I think. Benign language, minimal bloodshed. When I clean it up, I think I’ll shop it around a bit.

Maybe someday I’ll overcome my fear of clowns enough to write a story with clowns in. Clowns on tall structures. Acrophobia and Coulrophobia blending in a frenzy of falling wigs and oversized shoes.

Willies. Clowns give me the willies.

(Oh, and check out this cool phobia list.)

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