Analysis paralysis and more

Well, at long last, I’ve made a few steps toward my next works.

First, I’ve got pages written for my analysis book. I always wanted to put down in book form some of what I’ve learned working with my friends and colleagues at Wells Fargo. I’ve met many people over the years who seemed to be interested in analytical work but didn’t know how to get into the job, and didn’t think they were technically astute enough to make a career in analysis. Hopefully this book can help connect me to those folks, and maybe even give some decent advice. Regardless, it’s going to be rather funny, because all of the case studies I’m putting in are rather risque. I can’t help it.

Second, I just had a comforting breakthrough on my outline for Demigod Resistance (current title), the second Demigod Chronicles novel. I wouldn’t say that it’s a done deal; you never know what will happen to the plot when the characters get hold of it. Hopefully their ad-libbing will be contained. I’m on track to have the novel finished this year, should all go well.

Third, I procrastinated on writing today in order to put together the cover for Demigod Resistance. You can have a look at it on Facebook. While you’re there, hit me with a ‘Like,’ eh?

Special thanks to my daughter for collaborating with me on the cover design. That girl has a good eye. When she’s older, I bet she’s gonna to be my illustrator.

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