How to Change the Internet in One Easy Clickbait Step

There are two types of internet out there today. There are Quiet Sites and there are Screaming Sites. You probably know which I mean. Quiet Sites have articles, maybe a few links, maybe one or two pictures, some links to Facebook and Twitter, and a copyright notice. No biggie, they say their peace and they let you go about your business.

Then there are the Screaming Sites. These sites have mined the actual behaviors of users and concluded that we (the general public) really want the following:

Clickbait headlines

Clickbait images

More clickbait on the sites with purported content

Small, easily disgestable content blurbs


Pop-up hover ads

Video content cut from old television and movies

Happy images of the champions of the human condition

Fortunately, those sites know exactly what we want, and they know how long we read, how many follow clicks we provide, and how many advertising impressions we are likely to endure in our quest for that one tidbit of new information.

So, my advice to you if you want to change the internet is to watch your own habits and to be very careful where you go. If a site delivers a lackluster article full of fluff that makes you feel unfulfilled after reading it, get out of there fast! Chances are, all the other articles linked from that site will deliver the same thrill of almost getting what you want.

Don’t do it. Be strong. Vote with your time. Demand better writing and better content. Together, we can change the world!