Wendig’s Mockingbird – vulgar and delicious

I’m continuing my search for great independent and under-known authors and I’ve found a bright gem in Mockingbird, a phenomenal novel by Chuck Wendig. The main character must have soaked in the vulgar marinade overnight before Wendig put her out on the barbie for this one, because she’s the nastiest woman I’ve ever heard. Strange, how a character can take on a life. Even if in the real world, Miriam would be the most profoundly difficult person to even stand next to in line at the supermarket, but in this story, her life exudes from her every word and thought, and she welcomes us readers with open (and sometimes bloody) arms.

Mr. Wendig – well done. You entertained me with a thrilling story, a proud female lead, and gave me a few new creative curses to add to my favorites list. If anyone out there wants an unusual modern fantasy story and have a strong stomach and a penchant for foul language (and who doesn’t, secretly, in the back of their head) then you should enjoy Mockingbird.

Demigod Conception coming to print

Good news! I’m prepping my book, Demigod Conception, for print-on-demand. Paper’s a bit expensive, but it would make some really cool holiday gifts. I plan to have it ready to go by Sunday.

Amazon’s print-on-demand solution is remarkably easy to use. Hopefully it’s as quality a product as their online tool and their sales service suggests. So far, so good.

If you can’t wait and want to buy it now, it’s available on amazon.com Kindle.

Gandalay Marketing

Finished my first marketing-themed short story today. They say you should write what you know, but frankly, writing about marketing seemed to be a quick way to bore audiences. That is, until today!

My hero’s a 10-year-old who teams up with a marketing executive and a computerized store marketing system to… Well, it’s a short story, so I can’t give away the good part, can I? Still, I dig the concept. It’s sci-fi horror, but it’s also suitable for young-adult audiences, I think. Benign language, minimal bloodshed. When I clean it up, I think I’ll shop it around a bit.

Maybe someday I’ll overcome my fear of clowns enough to write a story with clowns in. Clowns on tall structures. Acrophobia and Coulrophobia blending in a frenzy of falling wigs and oversized shoes.

Willies. Clowns give me the willies.

(Oh, and check out this cool phobia list.)

Recommended read – Wool by Hugh Howey

I think I’m going to take some space in my blog to recognize some of the better books that I’ve run across. Authors who work hard and deliver quality make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

My first recognition is for Hugh Howey, who needs to have even wider readership than he already does. His magnificent Wool series turned me back onto reading science fiction after a long and hard time trying to find someone who actually had a compelling SF angle and a strong interpersonal story with likeable characters and enough action to keep me interested. So, here’s to you, Hugh; keep up the great work.

Wool Omnibus – Highly recommended.

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